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Shop with Purpose: Regain Hope For Endangered Animals

Together We've Raised: $809.10




Our purpose is to raise awareness for the plight of endangered animals, inspire people to get involved, and together work towards ceasing the decline of these animals on the brink of extinction by donating to organizations whose goal is to save them. 

RHEA started with a simple idea to help spread the word about endangered animals. Our shirts feature artwork from local artists, and we donate 10% from each sale to select organizations for each animal featured.  We currently support the Sea Turtle Conservancy, International Elephant Foundation, HAkA, and Shark Savers through Wild Aid







Each shirt is designed on a unisex organic cotton long sleeve. Our shirts are made by a company called Hae Now, which offers products that are sustainably made with certified organic cotton and fair labor.

Our shirts are GMO free, made without chemical defoliants, and are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The dyes used on our products are low impact, colorfast non-animal dyes. RHEA shirts are not only comfortable for any occasion, but they are sustainable and do not pollute the planet.