Our Mission

 African White Rhino

African White Rhino

Our mission is to work towards ceasing the decline of endangered animals that are on the brink of extinction. By shopping with purpose, together we can donate to organizations whose sole purpose is to save critically endangered species.

RHEA started with a simple idea to help spread the word about endangered animals. A few years ago Founder, Katherine Bernal, read a small article about how the African Northern White Rhino was nearing extinction. It wasn't a front page story, and it certainly didn't make the headlines. After reading about the circumstances that not only the African White Rhino, but endangered animals as a whole face every day, Katherine realized that something needed to change. These animals needed a voice.

 "It made me extremely sad that magnificent creatures, who have existed for so long on the planet, are gone; and even sadder that we humans have contributed to their demise. "  

 Katherine Bernal

Katherine Bernal

That's when Katherine created RHEA to help share endangered animals stories.  "The process of extinction is a slow decline, so people often forget about the animals that are making their way up the endangered list. I came up with the concept for RHEA as not only a way to donate and help stop the decline of critically endangered animals, but also as a vehicle to raise greater awareness, particularly to my generation, about the plight of endangered species, and hopefully inspire people to get involved. " 

RHEA stands for Regain Hope For Endangered Animals and that's exactly what we hope to do with the sale of our apparel. 


Please join us on this journey and Shop With Purpose - so that together we Regain Hope for Endangered Animals!

Our Tee Shirts

RHEA's shirts are manufactured at a company called Hae Now, which offers products that are sustainably made with certified organic cotton and fair labor. Our organic cotton shirts are GMO free, made without chemical defoliants, and are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. RHEA shirts are not only comfortable for any occasion, but are sustainable and do not pollute the planet.  

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